Chronic and Unexplained Pain Therapy


‘We were unable to help a patient with chronic pain any further. No procedure was appropriate so I therefore suggested she came to you. She messaged me today to say how useful your course was and she was grateful for the suggestion. Such a service is essential for patients with chronic pain. I am sure I will recommend you again to patients who are struggling’

Practice Manager, Cheltenham Spine Clinic 2021

‘For 30 years I thought my pain was just in my body and now I know my brain and mind play a big part too.  It helped that Zélie had experienced chronic pain and I felt she really understood what I was going through.  The course was extremely useful in helping me to understand the mind-body connection and reducing and managing my pain better.  I would recommend it’

JW 2019

‘I have improved beyond recognition’

CD 2018

‘I want to say a huge thank you to you. Your teachings are a wonderful gift and made a real difference. I am able at last to start doing things again’

SB 2021

‘Zélie is a natural, approachable and empathetic teacher and her voice for guided meditations is spot on. First class. Thank you Zélie’

PH 2018

‘I went to work this morning for the first time in a year with no back or pelvis support on and I managed the pain through breathing and it made such a difference. I couldn’t believe it’

EW 2021

‘It was so good. I hugely admire your method of teaching, and I took so much from it’

RT 2021

‘Our work together has enabled me to tune into my body, to acknowledge unhelpful negative thoughts, and to allow them to become less insistent through mindfulness. I would definitely recommend this course which is accessible and easy to understand’

JM 2020

‘After suffering a neck injury I was not only living with the daily discomfort, but also finding myself increasingly isolated and anxious.

Zélie immediately put me at ease with her calm and understanding manner. It was helpful to know that she genuinely empathised due to her own experience of living with chronic pain.

We worked through a previous trauma and I learned new techniques to help me to feel less anxious and how to be less critical towards and kinder to myself. I also rediscovered the simple pleasures of life and connecting with others.

I looked forward to each weekly online session with Zélie and I am grateful as I now have a toolkit of strategies and practices to carry with me into the future’

SC 2021

‘I have been suffering with pain for a very long time. I cut back on my activities and my life seems to be consumed by pain. With no specific answers I started on a downward decline. I blamed myself and life at times seemed unbearable. I distanced myself from my family and friends and felt very isolated. I was constantly searching for answers and asking, ‘Is this it for me?’ I was only 49!

Zélie was recommended to me by my physiotherapist. It was difficult for me to think positively but I connected with Zélie straight away. I felt like I’d found someone at last who understood what it was like.

I found it enlightening but also sometimes difficult because I had fought my pain and buried my emotions, but as I progressed I became more aware of my thoughts and reactions and how they made my pain worse, and I started to think differently. During the meditations I was surprised by my positive thoughts! Each session I’ve taken on a new tool to help me live a happier life.

I felt so comfortable and at ease with Zélie. She helped me to understand the reason for my suffering and how damaging it can be. I feel more positive and my family has noticed. The negative signals still pop up occasionally on my bad days but now I know how to deal with them.

I look at things so differently and have learned how to take pleasure in the small things in life. I can actually take it easy on myself. I had a particularly happy day recently and realised that I hadn’t felt like that in years!

I would urge anyone suffering from chronic pain, stress and anxiety to try this course with Zélie. I could not have imagined that after two months of working with her I would be feeling as I do now’

KWEM 2019

‘What were planned as a series of mindfulness sessions rapidly turned into more structured counselling work, as I quickly realised that Zélie was someone I could talk to in depth to try to work through some major sources of stress and uncertainty in my life. She was simply fantastic at getting exactly to the point, saying exactly the right thing at any given moment, and instilling in me a source of comfort whilst boosting my confidence immeasurably as we looked at the deep-rooted sources of my emotions and problems and found new ways to approach them. With Zélie’s help and her incredible wisdom and gentle guidance, I was able to recognise ways to create a more positive future and to make a big decision that up til then eluded me. With that decision came an immense sense of calm and acceptance. I recommend her wholeheartedly as a warm-hearted, natural and experienced counsellor. I cannot thank her enough’

JP 2018